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Today I went through Cisco unity express (CUE) loading, installation and configuration. Got a bit stuck in some to points, but successfully cross over those. CUE files loading to a router/module is different form IOS and CME loading and installation. First up all we require a module in router to load CUE files and mail […]

When we are login with CCO in to cisco downloading page, we can see a lot of download options; Like basic, full, in zip and in TAR…!!! whats it…??? It’s nothing but, basic have few file which is necessary to run the CME and in full you will get all the file, ring tones, phone […]

While we are login to UCCX administration page, some time we get an error “Unauthorized Security exceptions throw authenticating User uccxadmin. Authentication failed: Cannot authenticateuser: uccxadmin Please use the browsers back button to go back to the login page.” Most of the cases this might be with a wrong password we entered, so as a […]