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Why I started this? is a good question for myself!!!!!

I started this blog as a place holder for my technical notes.  I had a difficult time finding resources on the Internet for Cisco Voip related technologies specific to CVP, IPCC and large Enterprise VoIP deployments. I knew that if I write my notes on paper they would get lost, so I created a WordPress blog for my own personal storage of information.

On my starting for studying and troubleshooting I searched many doc and site, whenever I get the notes I downloaded as a PDF or copy paste to a doc. Soon became I understand it’s not a good tip for. Coz whenever those issues came or related, again I search in the net and download the same. The same contained in the previous doc what I already downloaded. Simply I am wasting my HD space and also difficult to find it back when it require.

So I started to save it in favorite as a link but day by its got increased and I never used 98% of links what I saved. Soon became its give me a feeling like “not good”

Then I moved to older type, start using Note book to keep my finding and question but it’s very difficult to carry every time with me and where ever I go… So I found another way, make notes in Paper and later will make it bind. This time it’s won’t go that much; within two weeks I looked back and asking myself where’s those paper????  Woowoo

So far these days I went through lots of portals, Forums, FTP and Blogs. When I got an issue I am trying to resolve it and the same time look into it deeply to find the root case, understand and study more. Mostly I won’t get all of my needs from a single site. So I start thinking about a central storage place where I can store my notes and can access from anywhere with some clicks.

I soon realized this is a superior method to store notes and I would no longer invest in spiral bound notebooks. So bye bye notes and spiral stuffs.

So here I start with, loading note in to the world wild web and would like to call it as something else than a blogging…

  1. AnS says:

    always welcome… Smile

  2. nThe article is very fantastic Thanks for your sharing Looking forward to your new article

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