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The trunk connection can be passed between two switches or between a switch and a computer. Configuring VLAN trunks on Cisco switches and routers only takes a few steps. First verify that the VLANs are created on both switches that are to be connected. Verify VLANs are created with the show vlan command. Step 1: […]

Today I tried to re-upload/install CME in my lab, While this time I am having only 512 mb flash in my router where already CME is stored and I need to delete those first… Now the part stars… I need to delete the files from flash for loading more file off course. There is a […]

When we are login with CCO in to cisco downloading page, we can see a lot of download options; Like basic, full, in zip and in TAR…!!! whats it…??? It’s nothing but, basic have few file which is necessary to run the CME and in full you will get all the file, ring tones, phone […]