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In previous post I detailed about Vlan     What is Vlan and Why, How to Configure Vlan and  InterVlan Communication. All these are based on Lab or small scale scenario; what about Vlan Configuration in Large Enterprise Scenario? Situation like you have more than a couple of switches, configuring VLAN’s can be a real pain. […]

From last two part (part-1 & part-2), we know what is Valn,  how to configure and why this Vlan. Why this Valn main answer logical grouping of network so that differ network/sub net don’t communicate each other. Bust some time we require to communicate the Vlan each other. How InterVlan communicate InterVLAN routing, which is […]

In this part we are going to look into VLAN configurations. Configuring VLANs can vary even between different models of Cisco switches. Our goals, no matter what the commands are, is to: Create the new VLANs and Put each port in the proper VLAN Note: In common 2 Vlans are in use: Data Vlan & […]