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Cisco Finesse

Posted: 17th July 2013 by An in Cisco ICM/IPCC/UCCE/UCCX

Cisco Finesse is a replacement for CAD in IPCC scenario! From on Cisco 9.0 UC series Cisco Finesse will take the role of CAD agent/supervisor The main plus with this tool is:- It is 100% browser-based desktop implemented through a web 2.0 interface; no client-side installations required The key tenets of the Finesse approach: OpenSocial […]

While we are login to UCCX administration page, some time we get an error “Unauthorized Security exceptions throw authenticating User uccxadmin. Authentication failed: Cannot authenticateuser: uccxadmin Please use the browsers back button to go back to the login page.” Most of the cases this might be with a wrong password we entered, so as a […]

cust name is the instance name – eg:- ans node name is the PG followed by the number and the side – eg:- pg1a To know more about Cisco ICM Server Naming Conventions check the below link.  Complete these steps on a Peripheral Gateway (PG):  1. Choose Start > Run. 2. In the Run dialog […]