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In this section will try to get what is Cisco Unified Communications integration (CUCI). In simple words CUCI is a add-on from Cisco, to integrate third party Instant messaging (IM’s) with Cisco solution. CUCI provides instant access to Cisco Unified Communications capabilities directly from 3rd party IM’s, with this we can able to control Cisco […]

CUEAC And CUCM Integration

Posted: 5th July 2013 by An in Cisco Unifed Applications

Step1:- Create CTI Port @ CUCM Device > Phone > Add New > Phone Type (CTI Port) > configure it how you like with Device Name/Device Pool/CSS/Partition/MoH etc Add respective DN Step2:- Associate CTI port in CUEAC System Configuration > Queue Device Group > Select default Q or Add new > Select the CTI port […]

While sync the CUEAC with CUCM, Getting an error:- Error Code:  -206 Error Description: The specified table (owneruserid) is not in the databas In same time CTI port and CTI Route points are in Registered State CTI Route Point registered:- RC4D3DD51100037 ASD-005056B0399C-00100037-000000000000000801210090 devicepool16 EmergencyOnly-CSS16 Site16 801210090 Registered with E1L1PUB  One CTI Port registered:- CUEAC-CTI-Port devicepool16 […]