When we are login with CCO in to cisco downloading page, we can see a lot of download options;

Like basic, full, in zip and in TAR…!!! whats it…???

It’s nothing but, basic have few file which is necessary to run the CME and in full you will get all the file, ring tones, phone loads, MOH files ect.

And about CME TAR and ZIP files


Inside this zip file are several tar files which need to be extracted via TFTP in to the router’s flash.  This takes a while because there are several TAR files because one by one TAR you need to copy to flash.


Easier method is get the “individual” TAR files, but the problem what I found, Cisco provides the full set of files in a single TAR file.  If extracting this to our router is take only one-step untar process as opposed to extracting several TAR files from the ZIP file. As it mean it extract all the files

And in my Lab I require some ring tones, GUI, MOH and 7960 phone loads only… and why coz I don’t want to put all files and use my flash size.

As as easier way I used a software 7-ZIP (http://www.7-zip.org/) to edit TAR file and I deleted all the other files which I don’t need.

Now it’s AN edited TAR… Smile

Now we can start CME step by step:

1. Download the cme-full- file. (in my case, this TAR file includes only 7960 phone loads, as well as gui files, and ring tones, coz I edited)

Normally The gui files will be unarchived to the “gui” folder, while the ring tones and xml will be downloaded to the “ring tones” folder. Phone loads will be downloaded to the “phone” folder and B-ACD prompts,

But coz of my editing it’s directly loading to flash… Smile Means not any more folder search or Allies use

cme-full-7.0.tar files are posted on the CCO site below:


If there are additional phones you wish to support that are not included in this TAR package, please go the following link and download the “cme-124-22YB.zip” file. Then unzip the file and manually add additional phone loads for the phone types that you wish to use.


2. Extract phone load files to your router flash. Copy the cme-full-x.x.x.x.tar to a TFTP server, and enter archive command to extract contents of tar file to router Flash:

Router#archive tar /xtract tftp://ip-address-of-tftp-server/<cme-full->.tar flash:

3. Share the phone load, ring tone, and background files by issuing the command ‘tftp-server flashMadxxxxx’ for each file on the flash.

For my needs, I did:-

tftp-server flash: P00308000500.bin
tftp-server flash: P00308000500.loads
tftp-server flash: P00308000500.sb2
tftp-server flash: P00308000500.sbn
tftp-server flash: RingList.xml
tftp-server flash: DistinctiveRingList.xml
tftp-server flash: Piano1.raw
tftp-server flash: Chime.raw

Hear you done with Loading the CME in to router with appropriate configuration.

The the remaing step is to configure the CME in router and some tips and tricks:- will see in next posting

  1. Vijay says:

    hi AN,

    i am doing my project on CME ineed some help if u wish, ineed cme ios ,gui files and guidance .

    thanks in advance

    best regards,

  2. Luis says:

    One question? how can I do to upgrade the CME on my UC520?

  3. Hello! Very good suggestion on this post! It is the little adjustments that create the largest changes Thank you a lot for sharing!

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