Some day before I got an issue with ICM environment where Agents unable to log onto CTIOS services for CTI capability

Agents unable to login are very much knowing issue in ICM/IPCC scenarios, where most of the time logs will be clear and unable to find any issue. But still for isolation we require a PIM reset.

But on this case something different happened with me and my colleague (Gary)

Issue escalated and when we looked the logs and status we found; In Task manager excessive memory usage for CTIDriver service and CTIOS service on one or both peripheral gateways.

So did “Procmon” to CTI and check client heartbeats form the 2 CTIOSServer clients.  Typically one side will not have recent heartbeats (and increased memory use).

For Service restoration; memory and client checks indicate lost heartbeats between CTIOSServer and CTIServer re-start CTIOS services on the affected side.  It is sometimes necessary to do a full stop and re-start of both sides.

To do “PROCMON” test Initially do an “OPCtest” to find active side of CTI Server


PROCMON < cust custname > <cgnn> <ctisvr> (on the ACTIVE side of the CTI server pair)

In procmon use the clients command

>>>>clients /id CTIOSServer
 Session   Time  Ver Flags  ClientID         AgentID  AgentExt  Signature
     375  12 days 8   AUX   CTIOSServer                         CTIOSServer
    1003 41:34:38 8   AUX   CTIOSServer                         CTIOSServer

Still in procmon, use the DClient command with the host ID for each CTIOS server instance, the last hear from should be within 20 seconds of the actual server time:

>>>>dclient 375

    SessionID=375 Version=8 State= Services=0x16(AUX) ClientID=”CTIOSServer” Sig
    HostName= HostAddress= HostPort=4325
    AgentExtension= AgentID= AgentInstrument=

 Associated Agents:
    AccociateAgentID=18002 AssociatePeriph=5057
    AccociateAgentID=16131 AssociatePeriph=5057
    AccociateAgentID=16140 AssociatePeriph=5057
    AccociateAgentID=16118 AssociatePeriph=5057
    AccociateAgentID=14293 AssociatePeriph=5057

    m_State=sessionOpen   sm_SessionsNow=105
    m_ClientVersion=8   m_IdleTimeout=2147483647   m_InvokeID=0x6c26(27686)
    m_ServiceMask=0x16   m_CallMSGMask=0x1fffff   m_AgentStateMask=0x3ff
    m_PeripheralID=3080568   m_ClientID=”CTIOSServer”   m_ClientSignature=”CTIOS
    m_AgentID=””   m_AgentExtension=””   m_AgentInstrumentID=””
    m_RegisteredVariables: NULL (all ECC variables)
    m_DeviceID=   m_WasOpened=True   m_ApplicationCloseSent=False
    m_CloseStatus=0(E_CTI_NO_ERROR)   m_LastHeardFrom=09:51:15

    m_HostName=   m_HostAddress=   m_HostPort=4325
    m_BytesSent=1913462143   m_BytesReceived=16035250
    m_ConnectionID=35682   m_ConnectionSocket=672

Now might be you are thinking how to do “PROCMON” & “OPCtest” and also may want to know about the details of ICM Server Naming Conventions.

You will get those details in my NEXT POST

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