Cisco Finesse

Posted: 17th July 2013 by An in Cisco ICM/IPCC/UCCE/UCCX

Cisco Finesse is a replacement for CAD in IPCC scenario! Confused

From on Cisco 9.0 UC series Cisco Finesse will take the role of CAD agent/supervisor

The main plus with this tool is:- It is 100% browser-based desktop implemented through a web 2.0 interface; no client-side installations required

The key tenets of the Finesse approach:

OpenSocial Gadget Container: Agents use multiple applications, often at the same time.  The ideal agent user experience supports this way of working.  This is accomplished in Finesse via the gadget container.   Each application that an agent uses is delivered as a gadget within a single UI framework.  Gadgets can communicate with one another as well as backend servers allowing for a seamless user experience throughout the call.

Easy-to-use REST API: The easier the API is to use, the lower the cost of developing applications, and this means that customers are more likely to want customized agent desktop experiences.  Finesse includes a robust REST API for you to create your own applications or gadgets.

Browser-based Agent Desktop: Finesse is a web application.  Customers install Finesse on a server and agents point their browser to Finesse.  It’s that easy.  Finesse doesn’t use browser plug-ins, JRE’s, or anything else on the client machine that needs to be installed or maintained.  This means customers have more flexibility in how and when they roll out updates to the agent desktop.  When the tools don’t match the business requirements, productivity suffers and this is what we are trying to avoid by using a browser-based approach.

The Finesse UI with three gadgets on the main tab:

So all agents and supervisors can log in to there Q using web browser Cool

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