• cust name is the instance name – eg:- ans
  • node name is the PG followed by the number and the side – eg:- pg1a

To know more about Cisco ICM Server Naming Conventions check the below link. 

Complete these steps on a Peripheral Gateway (PG): 

1. Choose Start > Run.
2. In the Run dialog box, enter cmd in order to open a command window.
3. In the command window, enter:

 opctest/cust <ans> /node <pg1a> 

1. This output displays: 

 The PIM State shows the status of the PG. In the output, this line can display: 

1 A PIM_ACTIVE PR 03/03 16:45:25 (10.6 day) 03/13 08:03:55 (2 sec)
You see this line of output if either of these lines display:
1 A PIM_IDLE 03/13 16:45:25 (10.6 day) 03/13 08:03:55 (2 sec)
1 A ? 03/13 16:45:25 (10.6 day) 03/13 08:03:55 (2 sec) 

procmon <ans> <pg1a> pim1 

If set trace/dubug you need to stop it all, for that:- 

  • opctest /cust ans /node pg1a
     debug /noall
  • procmon ans pg1a pim1
     trace * /off

OPCTEST       Procmon      ICM Server Naming Conventions

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